Working With Chris

Private Sessions With Your Horse

Chris’s work is mainly based on traveling out to meet with people and their horse at their home or stable. He finds the most meaningful work is accomplished while working with people and horses in a relaxed environment where they can be themselves and learn in a way that is natural to them.

His primary intent is to help the person and the horse in any way he can. Whether it be riding, groundwork, horse care or problem solving, Chris loves seeing the horse and the human connect and get to where they feel good in what they are doing together. He first likes to meet with the person and discuss where they are at and what their intentions are with their horse. A lot can be established here as our attitude and intent is very important when moving forward. The way we think about things plants the seeds for all that will happen. If we can understand ourselves and get a feel for where we want to go and how to do it, the mental picture of that ignites the process.

And then we look at the horse and get a feel for their thoughts and feelings. The horse’s actions and movements are just the result of how it thinks and feels and if we can understand what they are thinking and feeling we can become very understanding of the horse. It is also very important to have a knowledge of how the horse naturally lives and moves and how to help it become healthy, happy and strong. For if the horse understands what we want and feels good about it and its body is healthy and strong, then the connection usually comes together very well.

There is no one specific way Chris works with horses. He believes working with a horse is an art with everyone developing their own way. It should feel natural to the horse and human as they grow together and find their way. He believes that the unifying truth to working with horses is that all humans and horses respond to the feelings of attention, softness, respect, confidence, understanding, patience, consistency… and love. If we can develop a feeling for those things in our relationships, as well as a feel for how the human body and the horse’s body works, we have the beginning of a wonderful foundation. Whether it be working with the horse free, on-line, trailer loading, or in riding, across the world it is all the same when thinking about how the horse and the human want to feel about it.

As to the methods and techniques involved Chris focuses on a very natural way in working with horses based on how they think and learn. In the groundwork he helps the horse to focus and try and then works with them through energy and body language. In the riding he focuses on a natural riding ability for the human and then helps them to get in sync with the horse’s movement and the guidance of that movement. This type of groundwork and riding speaks to all horses in all styles of training.

The person and their horse lead the way with Chris helping and guiding where need be. It is the person and their horse that will be making the connection happen and Chris is honored to be a part of it in any way he can. His main focus is for the session to be safe, fun and a positive experience for all. He works rain or shine and hot or cold as there are many exercises that can help us that can be done with or without the horse. Semi-private sessions are also available where two to three people can work together so long as the owners and the horses are very similar in where they are at.

Please contact Chris at for availability and pricing.

Private Sessions With Chris and Rocky

Chris also offers private sessions in Durham, Maine where people of all ages can work with him and his horse, Rocky.

These sessions are not structured around a traditional riding or training lesson. Open to people with or without horse experience, these sessions are a way for people to open up to themselves based on their interaction with horses. From working directly with Rocky, to sitting in a field talking with Chris while surrounded by horses, these sessions are all about opening up to where we are at in life. Horses have a way of bringing out our loves and our fears and how we deal with them, and they also have a way of helping us to understand how we can find balance within and a path ahead.

The design of these sessions is to help people better understand animals, nature, the world and ultimately themselves while in a safe and inspiring setting. The horse is a very giving soul that changes as the human changes and when we open up to what this teaches us we become very aware of our energy, our movement, our thinking and our attitude. And we find that happiness is truly possible in every moment.

These sessions paint themselves as far as what is discussed and where they go. At the end though there is a feeling of having gone deeper within to find a stronger connection to the world around us.

Please contact Chris at with any questions regarding a session with him and Rocky and to inquire about availability and pricing.

Speaking Engagements

Chris is also available to speak at many different types of events. A fun blend of insight, inspiration and humor, he loves to speak about the topics he is passionate about. Through his work with horses and his work as an author he has been featured at school career days, library book talks, expos, seminars and many other motivational speaking engagements.

Please contact Chris at at with any questions regarding him speaking at an event.

*Chris Does Not Take Horses In For Training.