Testimonials: What Folks Are Saying About Chris

"I had the privilege of attending your demonstration at the Common Ground Fair. To say it was purely inspirational would be an understatement. You and your horse Rocky took the relationship perspective to the next level and it brought tears of joy to my eyes to see the beautiful loving relationship you have. Rocky's expression when he lied down and cuddled with you said it all. There was so much love in his eyes. Thank you Chris for sharing your gift with horses with others so horses "everywhere can have better lives."

Valerie Morrison

"I loved your words, Chris. Mental balance and then physical balance. I had truly not experienced anything like that until my ride on Hannah at your clinic at Triple J Farm. It was truly like magic and the feeling that came up to me through Hannah before we entered for our run was a life changing moment for me. I remember the look on your face and your words – 'Kelli, you are telling me something that horsemen with years of experience feel, when you tell me you feel something good is about to happen here with your horse' - and it sure did. Thank you for sharing your gifts with me and my horses along the way. You have a unique and calming spirit that lends its way to both the people and horses you encounter. I consider myself lucky to have been a part of your journey and proud to say you have witnessed and partly been responsible for so much of my growth. Thank You Again!!"

Kelli Moholland Toole and Hannah
Pembroke, Maine

"You gave me an opportunity to see Sydney the way I have dreamed of... relaxed, without panic in her eyes, with someone on her back. It was amazing. Your calm manner and positive attitude are wonderful. The confidence you gave me was so helpful. You made me believe I can do this and that it will make Sydney a happier horse."

Pam Randall and Sydney
Gray, Maine

“My husband gave me the session with you for my birthday.  I called him on the way home to let him know it was the best birthday present I have ever received.  I feel like I have my horse back again and that means so much to me.  I thank you and I know Jessa thanks you too.”

Rachel Hutchins and Jessa
Newburgh, Maine

“I just wanted to thank you again and let you know how impressed I am by not only your skill and knowledge, but by your ability to teach and convey information.  You were born to do this.  I feel I have gotten closer to Alexis and learned so much more about her with the two clinics I have participated in.  She is a delight and eager to please.  I cannot wait to go out and play with her.”

Giselle Linn and Alexis
Glenburn, Maine

“Chris, I wanted to thank you so much for your time and patience.  You are a gifted and talented teacher.  I was impressed by your knowledge on horses but I was even more impressed with your teaching skills.  Not many can put the two together.  You work with the horse and person where they are at.  You are patient and you love your work.  You renewed my spark in riding and gave me some concrete goals to work on.  You are a very special young man and I hope I am fortunate enough to meet you again.  By the way… I am loading my horse in the trailer by myself now!!!”

Marcia Rogers
Perry, Maine

“Thank you so much for working with Treasure and I.  I’ve had some marvelous rides over the past couple of weekends and I just wanted to thank you for the direction you have given me.  I can honestly say I ride Treasure with much more confidence and she in turn looks to me more for direction.  I find that my expectations in and out of the saddle are more consistent, to a point where I am not always mentally reminding myself of what I need to do, rather, it is just there.  She in turn does not refuse nearly as much as she previously had… and for that I do want to thank you for the tools, direction, and understanding you have given me… Chris, you have so much to offer your students.  I can’t tell you how happy I am with Treasure… I am so looking forward to riding this summer.”

Nancy Joyce and Treasure
Gorham, Maine

“I am overwhelmed with what breakthroughs I have had with Red and Vanna.  I am so pleased with the time and money spent.  The best return I’ve had in years… I am so thankful I had the opportunity to learn from you.  I feel like we all had fairy dust sprinkled on us!”

Marcia Weaver, Red, and Vanna
Harrington, Maine

“Thanks, Chris.  It was just AWESOME!  We had so much fun—it was really nice to accomplish so much but still be able to relax and laugh and enjoy the horses—it was like being given permission to be a horse crazy little girl again.”

Kim Raymond and Lacey
Newburgh, Maine

“The whole lesson was safe and fun like you said it would be.  On top of that, it was absolutely amazing to see the change in Hampton and the change in me.  The climbing all over the horse stuff was so much fun it literally brought tears to my eyes!  Those two hours changed us so much.  I am going out tomorrow and am going to work him on the line with confidence!”

Arielle Narissi and Hampton
Gray, Maine

“Chris is the most talented horseman I have ever worked with.  Not only does he train the horse, he trains the owners!  I learned more about reading horses in one year working with Chris than I learned in my lifetime of horsemanship.  Chris has a way with horses that will truly amaze you, and your horses will love him.  Chris is kind, caring, and gentle and has the most patience I have ever seen.”

Kari Cohen and Maggie
Gray, Maine

Last year, you assisted me with my horse, Dewey. Your single session was the turning point for us. Dewey and I have made amazing progress over the last year. We now have a lovely walk, trot, and canter in the ring. I have been able ride him in the field comfortably at walk and trot and occasionally a canter, I have been able to trailer him to my house for short trail rides and even have been able to ride him with my 3 year old grandson.

Wendy Osgood and Dewey