Horsemanship Philosophy

Being around horses is life changing. It is through our heart and soul we are drawn to them and when we connect with a horse we can truly feel the greatness of all life.

The horse lives by a nature that is honest and pure and strong of spirit. They care about their lives just as much as we do and live from the great instinct that life is now, in the moment, in the daily love of the simple things. And like us each horse is an individual with its own thoughts and feelings. Individuality, strong spirit, a love of life - a horse is our equal in this. To think yourself above them is to limit all life has to offer you. To hold them in high regard is to open every door.

To understand them is to learn to understand yourself. The horse will not hide anything and will not let you hide anything. With a horse you are who you are. They will help us to see our strengths and help us to overcome our weaknesses. They inspire us, helping us to see we must first embody within ourselves what we would like to see in them. The softness and understanding and inner balance must come from us first before we ask of it from the horse. And when we find these great things inside ourselves the horse will kindly respond in the same way.

We must care ...

We must care for our horses to the best of our abilities. Proper stable management based on how a horse naturally lives combined with an understanding of natural horse nutrition is the foundation of a happy horse. It matters very much for a horse to feel happy and safe where it lives and for it to feel strong and healthy from how it eats. In the daily care of our horses we can also spend time with them, sharing space together, and become friends. This time spent together out in the pasture and in the barn is where humans and horses can really get to know each other and learn about each other. It goes a very long way in helping to lay the foundation for the relationship and it paves the way for the future. A happy and well-cared-for horse is more relaxed and confident in its interaction with humans, and a person that has lived among horses will soon learn their ways.

When We Begin…

When we begin working with the horse we should see it as connecting with their thoughts and feelings. Allowing the horse to have freedom of choice and then helping to guide their thoughts as well as helping them to feel good about what they are doing all leads to the movement of the horse that we wish to see. The movement of the horse just being the result of how it thinks and feels. Focus, willingness, confidence, patience, consistency - if we focus on guiding the horse into these ways of thinking it will brilliantly color all they do. From trailer loading to high level dressage the horse will offer a tremendous feeling in their work, and their bodies will move softly and effortlessly.

There is a science to how horses think and communicate and move, and a knowledge of this is needed as well, creating a foundation of safety that gives us confidence when around horses. Each horse is also an individual, unlike any other horse on the planet, and it is just as important to have a feel for who that horse is and what makes them unique. How they like to learn, what they like to do, how they like to be praised. Each horse has a spirit all their own and when the human and the horse come together that is when it really gets exciting. Because here there are no rules and no boundaries as to where the connection between the horse and the human can go. It is specific to them and them alone. This is where it becomes life changing for human and horse and the connection that develops can be the springboard for many other things changing for the better in the human's life.

A connection between a human and a horse is one of the most powerful experiences in the world. It leads to so many amazing things. A relationship has been created that will unlock the true pride and grace within them, allowing their spirits to shine.

And the journey will unfold from there.