Clinics Offered By Chris

Chris’s clinics are designed to be a relaxed, fun and interactive group environment. They consist of a balance of philosophy and principle combined with exercises, both with and without the horse, that are directed towards helping the participant develop a feel for working with horses. Auditors are encouraged to come and watch and to participate by asking questions on what is being worked on in the clinic.

Please contact Chris with any questions you may have about hosting a clinic and about pricing. Any spectator fees go directly to the person/ranch/group hosting the clinic.

Clinics can be anywhere from one to four days with three different format options available: 

  • One-On-One Connecting With Horses Clinic
  • Group Connecting With Horses Clinic
  • Connection Through Challenge Clinic 

One-On-One Connecting With Horses Clinic

(1-4 days; minimum 5 people, maximum 7 people)

This is Chris’s preferred style of clinic. The format for these clinics has Chris working with a participant and their horse one-on-one. The focus with each person and their horse can be whatever they want from groundwork and beginning riding, to advanced riding and any sort of problem solving. This style of clinic focuses on complete individual attention for the person and their horse. Each day Chris will work with each participant and their horse, one after the other, for up to seven sessions per day. This clinic allows us to really get into each individual relationship between each participant and their horse. While not working in the ring the other participants are encouraged to watch, ask questions, and be a part of each session so they can get the most out of each day. This is a very in-depth style of clinic and while one or two day one-on-one clinics are a great start, the best and deepest work is done in the three or four day one-on-one clinics where Chris can work with the same people over multiple days in a row.

Group Connecting With Horses Clinic

(1-4 days, up to 6 people)

This group-style clinic has Chris working with up to six participants together for the whole day with a morning session, a break for lunch, and then an afternoon session. Chris can do group groundwork clinics and group groundwork/riding clinics. If there should be more than six people that wish to participate and the clinic is two days or more, then the group can be split into a morning group and an afternoon group with up to five people per group.

This is a great style of clinic that is very fun and educational. If riding is to be involved it is VERY important that the participants in the group be similar in their abilities and their confidence in riding horses. Each person should feel completely safe on their horse and should be comfortable riding at walk/trot at the very least. As for people that are having confidence issues with their horses a group groundwork clinic or a one-on-one clinic would be better suited for them.

Here are some common topics covered:


  • A feel for our own energy, attitude and focus
  • A feel for the horse’s energy, attitude and focus
  • Having safety and fun as the foundation
  • Confidence for both humans and horses
  • Leading, backing, yielding and circling
  • The transition to riding
  • Connecting with your horse


  • A natural and balanced riding form
  • Safety and control in riding
  • Softness and confidence between rider and horse
  • Guiding your horse’s thoughts and movements
  • The foundational movements for all riding with horses
  • Helping the horse and the human to feel good about riding

Connection Through Challenge Clinic

(2-4 days, up to 8 people)

A very fun, revealing and introspective group-style clinic. This clinic has a course set up with different obstacles, from simple to advanced, that the horse and human must navigate through together. It is not about just getting through the obstacle though - it is about what happens in how the horse and human work through each obstacle. The emphasis is on good horsemanship and teamwork between horse and human and the connection that is created in how they work together.

The goal is to have the human and the horse become more connected in how they think, feel and work together as they make it through the obstacles. Each challenge is designed to simply bring out where they are at and then give them an opportunity to grow and learn from each other. Feel and timing; understanding what the horse is thinking and feeling; keeping focus; guiding with energy and body language… it all comes out in this clinic.  

To attend this clinic participants should be very comfortable with their horses. It is not a clinic for a person with a young horse, new horse, or a person that is currently having a problem with their horse.