book coverGrowing up in a small Maine town, Chris had never ridden a horse. Never even touched one.  But on one fateful night when he thought he had lost everything, he met two horses and looked into their eyes, and his life was changed forever. It inspired him to leave everything behind and go in search of his newfound connection to horses. His journey took him to the mountains of Colorado, the Hollywood Hills of California, and to the wild borderlands of Southern Arizona. And through the many connections he made with the amazing horses he met, Chris was guided to a greater wisdom about not only himself, but about life as well.

Told in an engaging style that sets the reader among the horses, people and great landscapes of the American West, Land of the Horses entertains and inspires. It is a story that is in all of us and shows we are all capable of creating the life we truly want to live.

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"A smooth and engaging read, Land of the Horses moves along at a comfortable pace, is tied together with engaging anecdotes and Lombard's reflections, and puts into words some of the more abstract concepts of equine philosophy and horsemanship - an entertaining story and worthy read for beginner and experienced equestrians alike.”

Natural Horse Magazine

“This book needs to be read. I am changed by it. It has a quietly powerful way of bringing home the connection between the human and the horse.”

Joe Camp, author of the national bestseller The Soul of a Horse

"Land of the Horses takes you for an epic ride. It is an inspiring story of a man's journey through the American West, meeting wise horses and mythic cowboys along the way, and coming to a stirring finish at the end."

Open Fences Magazine

"How to categorize this book: It is about training horses. About learning trust and gaining confidence - in oneself and horses. It's about seeking a deeper understanding of what makes life worth living. It's really about all of these things as well as just a well written and enjoyable read."

Janet Blevins - Knight Equestrian Books

"Nothing hit me as hard as this book. I came away with understanding how we don't have to be perfect. We just have to open our minds and our hearts and follow our own personal journey. We truly are here to grow and learn."

J Canfield

"A beautifully written story about a journey to find ‘that meaning’ and ‘that reason’ we are all searching for in our lives."

Cynthia West

"Unsure of his direction and course in the beginning, you are taken for a ride through descriptive highs and lows, laughs and tears, coming to a decisive finish. This book is amazing, heartfelt and beautiful."

Carol Threatt

"Chris writes with passion about his experiences with horses and people and places. This book will teach any person to search within himself/herself and live life much better."

Robyn Beeler-Nichols

"A book that will stir every emotion in your soul."

Gail Allenson

"I loved how this book made me feel."

Kristen Marden

"A truly inspiring book that encompasses try, heart, struggle, all mixed with adventure. It will give you the courage to change your life."

Katie Nicolazzo