About Chris

Chris first came into contact with horses when he started taking riding lessons in his home state of Maine.  He found great enjoyment in riding and was inspired by what was possible when you truly connected with a horse.  This led him to leave Maine for a while to go in search of learning more about horses, their nature and the different ways of working with them.

His Background

He would first work as an apprentice trainer at the Van Nostern Arabian Horse Ranch in Colorado.   The Van Nostern Ranch was focused on a modern and natural approach in their training and riding.  Chris worked with Arabian horses of all ages, from young colts to champion stallions.  From there he moved on to the Sunset Ranch in California where he worked as a wrangler.  He led trail rides ranging from five to thirty riders, including Sunset Ranch’s famous night rides.  He also worked as a riding instructor teaching both English and Western riding.

quoteI love my work and I love the opportunity to
help people and their horses. There is greatness
when a horse and human truly connect and my
goal is to help them find their path to that.quote

Arizona to Maine

The ranch that had the most influence on Chris was the 300 year old Rancho de la Osa in Arizona.  The Rancho de la Osa served as a guest ranch that was still run as a working cowboy operation.  It was here that Chris learned what it meant to have complete trust with a horse and he learned more about the deep bonds and relationships that can be had with horses.  From herding horses and cattle across the range to running the rides and looking after the guests each day was a study on horse/human relations.  Chris worked on developing a natural and easy approach to working with horses and worked to develop his skill in teaching these ways to people of all ages and ability. 

the Dynamics Between Horse & Human

When Chris returned to Maine in 2003 he set out on his own to help people and their horses, working with them in his own unique way. His work takes him all over the northeast and beyond, working with people and their horses both privately and in clinics. He works with around fifteen to twenty people a week and upwards of around two hundred different people and their horses each year. It is this work that has been Chris’s greatest teacher in how to be of best help to a person and their horse. By going very in-depth with each horse/human relationship he encounters it has allowed him to understand the dynamics between horse and human very well.